Issue No. 20 | June 2023

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Minister Anne Rabitte visits Murray Meadows – Social Farm

Niall and Blátnaid Gallagher welcomed guests to Murray Meadows farm as participants on the Social Farming programme came forward to share their inspiring stories. It was a powerful reminder of how social farming is enriching lives of the people involved, their families, and the wider community.

Blátnaid Gallagher, with her infectious enthusiasm for social farming, delivered a heartwarming speech that left everyone deeply moved. She highlighted the transformative nature of social farming, emphasising its ability to uplift spirits and provide comfort and reassurance during challenging times.

“If you ever feel your in a position where you need a little pick me up or just generally need a little bit of a lift, because of your physical and especially your mental health needs all of that, then social farming is for you” – Blátnaid Gallagher

Minister Anne Rabbitte TD, recognising the significance of social farming, announced a new €200,000 budgetary line specifically dedicated to social farming. A long-time supporter of social farming, we are very grateful to Minister Rabbitte for her backing of this grassroots social care programme.

A very special thank you to our Regional Development Officer, Deirdre Fahey for organising this excellent open farm event. For more on social farming in Mayo, Galway & Roscommon, please contact Deirdre on 087 623 3862.

Blátnaid Gallagher - Welcoming Guests

Representatives of Slovenian LAS (Local Action Groups) visit Mescan Brewery, Co. Mayo

As part of a LEADER information gathering exercise, almost 50 representatives from Local Action Groups (LAGs) across Slovenia visited innovative LEADER-funded projects across Ireland in May.

SWMDC was delighted to showcase Mescan Brewery, a craft brewery in the foothills of Croagh Patrick. The beers are brewed artisanally in small batches with craft, care and attention to detail. The visitors enjoyed a Mescan beer tasting, while Cillian gave an overview of his LEADER experience and brewery story.

This exchange of ideas and best practices highlighted the importance of international cooperation and knowledge sharing for future social and economic development.

Thank you very much to Seán Carolan and Sinéad O’Malley who coodinated the visit and to Sue O’Toole who hosted the group on the day.

Staff Updates

Mary Reilly Davey started with us in May 2023 as Community Futures Support Worker. We wish her every success in her new role

Martha McTigue is starting with us in June 2023 as Living Well Programme Officer (Galway) and we wish her every success in her new role.

Olga Maguire is leaving us in June 2023, and we thank her for her work on our Living Well Programme, and wish her all the best in her future endeavours!


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