SICAP (Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme)

The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2024-2028 provides funding to tackle poverty and social exclusion at a local level through local engagement and partnerships between disadvantaged individuals, community organisations and public sector agencies.
South West Mayo Development Company is contracted by Mayo Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) to implement SICAP 2024-2028 in the Castlebar Municipal District, the Claremorris Municipal District and the Mayo Islands.
The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2024-2028 is co-funded by the Government of Ireland, through the Department of Rural and Community Development, and the European Union, through the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+).
Goal 1: Contribute to Building more Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities: Empower groups of individuals, local community groups, networks and social enterprises to address collective community needs.
Goal 2: Empower Disadvantaged people to Improve the Quality of Their Lives: Support disadvantaged individuals, children and families to progress their formal education and participate in lifelong learning, to progress into employment/ self-employment, and to improve their soft skills and wellbeing.
Target Groups to be Engaged
SICAP recognises that disadvantage is experienced more strongly by particular groups of people in society and in particular geographic communities. SICAP takes a dual approach to targeting disadvantage and social exclusion. To do this, the programme works with communities in need and with individuals. 
The following are the target groups to be engaged through SICAP: 
  • People living in disadvantaged communities 
  • People impacted by educational disadvantage 
  • People living in jobless households or households where the primary income source is low-paid and/or precarious 
  • People who are long-term unemployed 
  • People with a criminal history 
  • Refugees 
  • International Protection Applicants 
  • Disabled People/People with Disabilities 
  • Heads of One-parent Families 
  • Travellers 
  • Roma 
  • Island residents

Featured work carried out under SICAP 2021  The Mayo Islands case study (Lot 29.1) provides input into how SICAP is supporting Inishturk in the development of its community organic garden.  The Castlebar & Claremorris Municipal Districts case study (Lot 29.3) is an overview of SWMDC’s Foundation 4 Life programme and shows the intensive work we are carrying out through SICAP, and the Western Region Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, to support young people to find their way back to employment and education  Featured work carried out under SICAP 2020  The Mayo Islands case study(Lot 29:1) gives an overview of how SICAP support on Clare Island was used to develop the Community Polytunnel.  The Castlebar & Claremorris case study(Lot 29:3) features SWMDC’s work through SICAP in supporting community organisations to reopen safely following the initial easing of restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of COVID19.   Featured work carried out under SICAP 2019:  The Mayo Islands case study (Lot 29:1) provides an overview of a road safety project called Making Positive Choices delivered with young people and the wider community on both Inishturk and Clare Island. This was a collaborative project with An Garda Síochána, Mayo County Council and the Islands Development Offices.  The Castlebar & Claremorris area case study(Lot 29:3) gives an insight into our Business Support programme, highlighting the supports delivered under SICAP, in conjunction with the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection and Mayo Local Enterprise Office.  


South West Mayo Development Company implements SICAP in the former Castlebar Municipal District, the former Claremorris Municipal District (C&C), and the Mayo Islands.

See our SICAP area map here

For more information, please contact:
Catherine McCloskeycmccloskey@southmayo.com087 124 7771Social Inclusion Manager (Coordinator)
Anne-Marie Carrollamcarroll@southmayo.com087 212 8109Employment & Training Officer (C&C)
Caroline Healy chealy@southmayo.com087 615 1675 /
098 419 50
SICAP Islands Supports
Community Supports (C&C)
Breda Murraybmurray@southmayo.com087 224 2133 /
094 936 6692
Self Employment Specialist (C&C)
Mikhail Kolchanovmkolchanov@southmayo.com086 128 5214Ukrainian Refugee Intercultural Support Worker
Olivia Kitterickokitterick@southmayo.com087 060 4724Enterprise & Social Enterprise Officer
Helen Mykhailykhelenmykhailyk@southmayo.com086 152 6685Ukrainian Refugee Intercultural Support Worker
Celesta Khosackhosa@southmayo.com086 136 4698Community Development & Youth
Galyna Marusychgalynamarusych@southmayo.com086 152 6688Family Support Practitioner
Oleksandra Sikacosikach@southmayo.com086 127 9535Ukrainian Refugee Intercultural Support Worker

Who is eligible for SICAP?

SICAP recognises that disadvantage is experienced more strongly by groups of people in society and in particular geographic communities. SICAP takes a dual approach to targeting disadvantage and social exclusion by targeting communities in need by taking an area-based approach, and individuals in need by taking an issue-based approach. There are twelve SICAP target groups as follows:
* Disadvantaged Children and Families
* Disadvantaged Young People (aged 15-24)
* Disadvantaged Women
* Lone Parents
* Low Income Workers/Households
* New Communities
* People living in Disadvantaged Communities
* People with Disabilities
* Roma
* The Disengaged from the Labour Market (Economically Inactive)
* The Unemployed
* Travellers

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